Every Opportunity

Each opportunity must be examined to see what may occur, but even while this is done, you must realize a positive benefit — even if it seems there are none.

Just like now, at this meetup group, where I feel as though I am wasting my time because the meeting did not turn out to be what I hoped or expected. However, I have made one contact that may be potentially beneficial. A random member, a first-time (last time likely) member who attended and is looking for help, but has realized that this is not to aid people, but to offer advertising to their business.

Look at the description (Savannah/Tybee WordPress Meetup Group):

Bring your laptop and your site! We’ll have a work-along session and, as a group, work through problems you may have. Think your site needs a little bit of extra attention? Message our organizations at least 24 hours before so they can pull up some materials related to your problem.

Does that not look to be that they are looking to help the attendees? But the host comes in to offer zero assistance, that she is purely there to work on her own stuff for twenty-minutes, then to return to her desk to finish her normal work.

I get sick of the false-advertising of groups, no wonder only 3 of 9 people attended.

I also wonder if she realizes what is going on. Can you be so ignorant of the fact that the people come here with problems and that you don’t help them, but they actually thought you were here to help them?

How does that even compute? How does she not see the idiocy in that? Why am I still here? I am about to leave… I made one potential contact for my permaculture endeavour, so now I am good-to-go, because there really is nothing to offer here. Except to possibly wait a few minutes so that the hostess goes back to her office and then to offer my opinion to the attendees whom are obviously dissatisfied with the service that was offered.

I honestly have no idea how this hostess thinks that this form of outreach is successful and I also wonder if it is… But it can’t be! I’m irritated, myself, and this is my 2nd visit to this group. The first could have been an off-day for the group, but now as proof that each visit will likely be like this, I may never come again… OR I may never come again with my laptop and bags, and only come with a notepad and business card to hand to attendees whom are obviously disappointed by the total lack of networking as there is none with the lack of attendance. 3 of 10 showed… how can this be? Why are they saying they are coming and then to not show, is a bummer, but that is fairly normal for MeetUp groups that have little cohesion. This group obviously is one of those, one whose members are out of touch of each other and have little draw to bring in the regulars.

I am so outa here. I parked a mile away and I have barely stopped sweating from the walk and I have not made any progress towards my website development and that is the reason which I am here.

…OOOO while I speak, an attendee has a question… And the hostess rolled her chair over to assist… let me watch and see how she helps and if she does and if she does not, I will be upset, disappointed, or actually confirmed that there really is no help. Let me watch and see… There was an explanation, but then I cannot tell if it was helpful… short and sweet, but is that the answer that the attendee desired or was there really more that was needed. The answer took only a moment, but did she need much more?

It is 1:11 in the pm, I have been here since 12:30. I am about to pack my sticking bags and go hike another mile to my van. And be off with my one contact and then no help for my blog. The air in here is so stale by the hostess’ personality that I really don’t even want to ask a question because it does not even appear that she wants to help.

Good God it really does anger me. False advertisement is the worst!!!

1:13 pm, Wednesday, 3.28.2018

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