On the Lighter Side Again 

After yesterday’s couple messages, I will come back with a brighter story. 

I presented a roughly thrown together idea to the ATDC program. The program that I stumbled upon during last week which is geared to establish a base for your business. The idea was well received. 

I will explain the idea later, but will sum it up here. 

To give land owners the opportunity to monetize their produce. 

Which could come as wild, planted, or grown foods. To sell, trade, or donate to a connected corporation (possibly—but not likely a Non-profit). The corporation, whether profit based or non will contain guidelines to support the local community. 

Speaking with a new friend tonight, about this and his great ideas, and I may have inspired him onward. He should be joining the program. I am delighted to see some action from him. He feels he must either commit to a grand gesture or go do… haha, I cannot say, but it was a hoot!!

The kicker is the $5,000 prize for best presentation at the end of the 12 weeks, that was a surprise today to hear. Though the prize sounds great, it changes nothing of my own plans. Because I know that if I commit to twelve weeks, then that rolling snowball will already have its own momentum. 

Great day. Without even mentioning the Thin-Mints! (Not Girl Scout Cookie)

11:33, Monday, 3.26.2018

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