Embrace the moments

Embrace the moment when you awake and take a deep breath. Breathe and remember what you want to remember. Think on your mission, whatever that may be; breathe and think positive and decide that actions will be taken, no matter how small. 

Embrace the moment when momentum takes over, notice the vector and direction, be sure the direction is proper and continue on if so. Embrace that moment and use your guidance as it is always present and wise. If you only listen closely to hear its wisdom and without reply. 

Embrace the moment that a new door opens. Allow yourself to listen to that voice and without reply—follow that voice’s commands and see what happens. Embrace that moment and you will open to a whole new world. A place of wonder will await your every day and you will find a reason to embrace the next moment and listen again. 

Embrace the moment that you realize that your favorite music has deep meaning, beyond that of your former understanding; embrace the moment and don’t look away, but investigate further and analyze. 

Embrace the moment as an Alchemist; transform the moment from a dire situation to a grand one. A frown to a smile; anger to laughter. 

Cow dung to a flower. In proper procedure, by the right man, even shit can be made beautiful — if enough care is given. 

Use the moment and treat it well. Your course will change, you will miss some plans, you will miss meetings, you will miss your target. Using that moment with momentum will bring you more than your plan, the moment may give you what you didn’t know how to plan for and that moment that you embrace as you realize this fact may be the most important. 

2:46 pm, Tuesday, 3.27.2018

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