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Quick, quick, someone visit!

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Eh, it’s probably due to my anti-Christ-like post.

But don’t you worry, I am all about Christ. Yet, I would prefer to call it Christos.

It is really difficult to believe all the stories once you realize the metaphoric reality that exists within the texts. That, along with the comparison of other religions to Christianity. The idea of Christ lies within each one, the symbology is the same; they really are all the same, virtually.

Once realizing the texts contain deep meaning, you may never be able to see the story as a truth ever again. If you are totally content with your life, this would be pointless, but if you have any doubt about the essence of God and the world around you, then you should investigate the meanings. This may finally give you peace of mind that you would never have found otherwise. The worry of Hell is gone, except that I may slip back into that state if I don’t follow my heart or if I lose confidence in my dreams. Or if I get too comfortable once I hit that level; to slip back into idle wonder.

11:13 am, Monday, 3.26.2018

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