I’m not an Atheist

By scanning the last few posts, you may think that I have turned Atheist. I would label myself as a Christian if a label must be placed upon me, but I really am fine with Agnostic.

agnostic vs atheist

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May I say that I am probably more Christian than you, in this regard? Would you believe that I am more developed in Christianity if I understand two sides of the story, if even during this understanding that I do not necessarily believe that Jesus had been alive and well, much less crucified on a cross? Nor that I believe that the stories which are all so grand are to be construed as truth and not the metaphoric explanations as they exist?

But also to the fact that I harness the Christos to my advantage. That I know how to access this magical force and that this Christos is within us all. Christ may have been a man, but if his name was Jesus, then that would be amazing since the fact that there exists no J in the alphabet of his father. How could he be named Jesus at all? Or is that another fact that is misconstrued or overlooked or explained away by un-knowledgeable peoples. My minister never told me that — thus I believe none of this crap!!??

I shall digress for now, but to whom may still be reading, whom I am offending and worrying, I really think it is funny that Easter is April Fool’s Day this year. As this would be the first time where this is ironically hilarious; the first year of my life where I have nothing to take offense to, with regards to the jokes. But instead, to use the moment to explain some truth that it seems everyone is ignorant.

11:38 am, Monday, 3.26.2018

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