Fear of Death is Dead

I’m pleased to say that I am not scared of death. All those years of fear are gone. Abolished. 

Finally, the fear of Hell is gone. That was the problem. I know why no one explained this before. I know why this was hidden. I know that this has been hidden for many centuries. Yet with a few clear insights, the mystery was revealed. The veil has been drawn away like the curtain before a theatrical performance. To show the reality that exists behind—teaming with life that was hidden from plain sight. 

I blame no one; they had no clue. They had not the mentors to lead them through the maze of clues to find the Truth. Instead, the lies were beat into their own minds by their mentors. 

Somewhere along the way there must have been a culprit, but that exact time and place is likely forgotten. Though, in several instances, the truth was spread thinly, vaguely onto paper. Where then it became law instead of suggestion. I will not share examples here, but I could. That could be for later. 

In reality, now, my faith is at the highest ever in regards to God, but as I’ve stated previously; we don’t believe in the same god. Whoever this (you, who reads this) is, and is shaking their head in disbelief or fear over my flesh as you imagine it becoming crispier by each moment that I walk nearer the fire. Just take my word and believe that I know consequences are still dire for going in negative status, yet the dire straights that I speak would be to forcefully repeat the same problems or worse in the next revision of my soul. 

As for going to a place called Hell or Heaven, my only request is that you search your heart and spirit and ask for the Truth yourself. And when that truth surfaces within your own mind that you give it a chance to live. Death is real, but it does not end your life. Your life will never end. Nor will it live inside a fire in a place outside of a physical dimension. 

If anything, to burn in a place called Hell, you would have to have skin to burn — to my knowledge, dead people’s bodies contain no soul. So then that soul must return to flesh before it can officially melt in a fiery pit. Somehow I cannot imagine fire as a spiritual form when I have only seen it as physical. 
If this ghostly fire has potential to burn spirits, then where would gnashing of teeth and pain arise? There are no nerves within a soul. 

Think of this: I sit cross-legged for two hours straight and my calf muscles go numb—I cannot feel a pinch. That is while alive. I could extinguish a cigarette on the skin and not even feel it.

But you expect me to believe a dead man will feel that fire too?

Or that perhaps the fiery place is on a spiritual level and that fire specifically burns spiritual flesh?

It does not compute. This makes zero sense. 

Am I to believe everything now? Every thing that makes no sense, I should believe? Or should I trust that my god has the best intentions while he threatens my entire life? While he causes fear throughout my entire life, I should still thank him for the opportunity to gamble on such odds?

Or that perhaps the quiet, calm whispers in my ear are Satan and that I have no where to run, hide, and I must trust the others who have no proof as well?

I don’t believe those whispers are Satan, however the belief in Satan is dead as well. I’m done with the hoax. I can explain my reasoning easily, while using the Bible as the tool of this reasoning. 

Would that assist in your evading your fear as well or have you fully succumbed to the tactics placed upon you? The same tactics that cause you to fear the questioning—like Eve and Adam. Scared to be cast out of the Garden of Eden? 

12:29 am, Monday, 3.26.2018

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