Wow, maybe I am exhausted. The word sleep looks peculiar. 7:30 am, Sunday morning. Watching videos on selling and closing. Inspiring me to go out and push my business. Inspiring and informative. 

Time to sleep — phone dying. Laptop battery drained to replenish the phone. In the Walmart parking lot in my van. The light will be bright soon, only dawn so far. The gentle rain should help. 

Obsessive behavior is all I’ve thought of tonight. This nature drives me now. Yet the weekend slows my roll. I may begin to ignore them soon, pushing through without bothering. I must establish a hold onto my time and not let this silly structure of a working man’s 40 hour week not set my pace. 

The weekend is a fabrication. I have no need to uphold this standard any longer. 

7:39 am, Sunday, 3.25.2018

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