Ambitious Goal?

Sitting here thinking of future possibilities. I always wonder how folks look up to millionaires with awe and decide that they will never achieve their status. 

Instead, the goal to be a millionaire seems unrealistic. In the sense that I can barely imagine being stuck below a multi-millionaire status in retirement. For years — not just now. 

The goal sounds pathetic if to have a goal of one million. If richness is your goal, then why set your sites on a tiny number like that. But my friends would laugh in my face over the expectation of mine own — even if the goal were to be that shallow of depth. 

For me, a billionaire goal is where I place my mark. I only put myself down by saying anything less. I have nothing to show of evidence of the climb towards that goal, but that doesn’t affect the attitude. I feel no anxiety regarding this goal. 

I recall the day that I set my goal at $400,000. This number was to retire. To retire from work that I loathe. Then to redirect my trajectory and enjoy the career that I wish in that moment. Or to live quietly, efficiently, happily doing whatever pleases me within my modest budget. I modeled this by example of my (still) favorite blog [ERE]. 

The goal, then is well on track, but by looking at my history, you cannot see. 

Matter of fact, it appears that I am quickly falling behind at a gallop. I set the goal for 8 years. There remains only three years (or 2?). Yet here I sit, nearly bankrupted. 

But looking now at that first goal and I see the dream—not just full-filled. Overflowing.  Abundance is on its way and I have no doubts. The path is coming clear, and the damnedest reasoning causes this action. The act of giving-up on “giving a shit” about what others think of me has set me free to finally push harder than I ever cared to do. 

I’m obsessed. 

Not over the dream of my billionaire status. I could give two shits about the cash. The obsession lies in regards to truth. In search of truth, I have found a calling. The calling to come and change this fucked up world to that of truth. The hidden truth must come. It is coming. I am assisting in that passion and with it I will build my billion. 

4:08 am, Sunday, 3.25.2018

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