Questions for Customers

This questionnaire is inspired by The Business Model Canvas. This was brought to my attention by the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC). This program is supported through/by GA Tech and given in Savannah, GA.

What services do you expect from a lawn care maintenance package?

  • basic trim (push mower + weed trimmer) _____
  • edging driveway/curb appeal _____
  • hedge/bush trim _____
  • tree pruning/maintenance _____
  • fertilization _____
  • leaf/straw removal _____
  • air blower _____
  • OTHER _____
  • _____
  • _____
  • _____

Do you have need for irrigation systems or maintenance/repairs of current system?

  • _____
  • _____

What would you like to see different, compared to your last service?

How often would you expect a visit for maintenance?

What is the criteria that you base this on?

Does the value you receive from your current service seem worth the price you pay?

Do you prefer lawn maintenance at a certain time of the day/week/month?

How much do you pay for you current service?

  • What does this cover?
  • Does this satisfy your needs fully?

How do you make your payments?

  • Would you rather a different payment method or billing style?

Do you have any issues with your current provider?


**Edit this tonight.

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