Fasting and Sweating

I’m about to have “breakfast”.

I’m about to break my fast because I am tired of sweaty palms and pits. I had to wipe my hands on my pants every couple of minutes due to the clammy feeling. Lack of embarrassment due to the sweat, due to knowing that the sweat is because of the fast. I lasted all day yesterday with nothing but a cup of morning coffee (sugar/cream) and a Monster coffee energy drink near ten at night. Then on today, it is 1:00 pm, only having a cup of coffee (sugar/cream).

The signs were obvious on last night, in a cool room, where my armpits looked soaked. I had to add my fleece due to the temperature of the room, but I continued to sweat. Because I was recycling my fluids, I was not worried about dehydration or lack of salt. Yet I stopped that practice just before the Dan Pena meeting so that I wouldn’t have to tote my gallon jug to the bathroom each time. However, I sat the entire session without needing to relieve myself anyhow.

By 1:00 am, my body began to cramp on occasion. My stomach growled as I rolled up in blankets and a cramp coursed through my calf. A mild cramp that quickly exited my body. Awaking to the chilly morning air, my body cramped a wee-bit more, but I flexed all my muscles to stop the action.

Sitting in the entrepreneur building, a cramp just occurred in the same location. Perhaps my salt levels are not exactly proper. I did not ramp my system for the fast as I would prefer with juices before I started. I did not taper my diet leading up to the fast. I did not prepare for this — it just happened by chance.

It was amazing as always to see how poop still comes after a day of no food. It would seem that it would all be gone, but instead there was a handful to dump. I think I shall go eat, but I am going to give it another hour before I do so. Perhaps a Carrot Gold from Brighter Day as break-fast.

1:15 pm, Thursday, 3.22.2018

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