Dan Pena Speaking Event

Yesterday, I drove down to Florida to see Dan Pena in person and to hear his message. There was not much extra in message, over what I have already watched, but it was thrilling to see him in person.

I am not one for concerts. I have only been to a couple besides a friend’s band. I cannot imagine driving 3 hours to see a concert, just to drive home that night. Yet, that’s basically what I did.

333 trip to dan pena

I have no way to show my experience, but as I was driving down, I looked at the map quickly to see 2 hr 22 min remaining to my trip. The iPhone froze, because it is a piece of crap, disallowing me to take a screenshot. But I was stoked, as always, by the number coincidences. 3 hr 33 min to arrive. I had to go!

It took more like 4 hours (plus) to get there in reality.

Upon arrival, I parked and then walked around a slight bit. Changed into my khakis and collared shirt. I wore my flip-flops, to be the sharpest dressed guy in flip-flops! If only I had a suit, I would have stood-out better.

The meeting was to start at 5:30 sharp. Yet, unless sharp means five minutes early, this was incorrect. I entered around 5:10. Pena passed by in the hall; I noted that he is taller than I had imagined.

The speech was given in an auditorium style classroom, one like you see in movies. I had only once prior been in a setting as such. Most everyone else had been through that situation as collegians.

Upon sitting for a few minutes, I sat cross-legged (Indian style). Dan had walked in and stood twenty-foot away at eye level from my 3rd row seat, direct middle of aisle. I closed my eyes for a couple of seconds and performed a couple slow, strong breaths. As I opened my eyes, Dan asked “Are you meditating or praying?”


“You would be better off praying in here!” I know he isn’t big on meditation. He said a couple other things, more-so to the crowd in that regard.

The show lasted around two hours, where he allowed Q & A session. Whereby a camera was setup and a line formed to question the host. There were two questions asked — two answers given. The 3rd guy only was there to doubt Dan’s history. He only wanted to start trouble. The mood became intense. Dan, loud already, mean as a fire ant, does not take kindly to the question. He ends the session immediately and confronted the guy. The guy was petite and held the microphone away from Dan as he reached for it. Dan latched on and nearly pulled the kid to the ground while taking the mic back. Security broke in. A fellow was there to support the kid in defense. The kid asked, “you going to hit me?”

He wanted him to go as far as violence; you could tell from his antagonistic voice.

At that time, it was ended. Dan walked away, back to the center of the room where he lectured. A swarm formed around him and he began taking pictures and shaking hands. Conversing with his followers. I entered the mass and awaited a picture.

However, another trouble-maker was a few places ahead of me. Once again the room became hostile. An actual police officer stepped in, kicking us out of the facility. The policeman said that the room was setup to be used for another meeting in the soon future. However, the meeting was scheduled to last for another thirty minutes.

The swarm moved to the lobby, where there were thirty or so remaining people. I would estimate that only a hundred (give or take) had attended. I spoke to one guy from Texas and one from Denver, CO. Though the majority of folks seemed to be college locals.

I asked one guy to use his camera for photo. Then text to me. His text failed, and so we used email. I gained 1 follower on YouTube in this interaction (haha)! He also has a channel and so I subscribed to him as well.

I am actually thanking him for his work during this…Not exactly smiling!
Shortly, we exited the building through the front. I and another fellow followed Dan out, but the other fellow went to stalk him haha. I just was leaving. I dropped down to barefoot, strutted by and waved.

Like I said before, I really expected only to meet him at his castle. Not like this. But this was pretty great. I can still manage the castle trip.

3.22.2018, Thursday, 12:12 pm

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