The Dwadle has a Current & Ongoing 100% Success Rate

I’m so damn excited now. Haha. Always am afterwards!

Was stretching in the park. Hardcore—had been doing deep breathe training. A man approached; passed through with comment. I drew him in with a query. 

We spoke a bit. He explained of back pain. 

I offered a “mind trick”. 

He accepted. 

In my van, we spoke. We conversed about all his pain history. Of the hip replacement in his youth, of other events further on, and explored any correlation with emotional connections. 

Then, explaining the process is quick in comparison to the lead-up to the climax of the session which takes only forty five seconds or so. 


I’m ecstatic as always; even if the pain isn’t one hundred percent removed, the pain has subsided to some degree. Proving the possibility of further improvement. 

That is just STEP ONE if you like. It is wonderful to see, but to also know there are so many other modalities to become more wholesome than ever before. If your eyes are open. I would rather say, “if your eye be single”. Then you will see the reality that I now know exists and with that, you may become who you want to be. 

3:37 pm, Thursday, 3.15.2018

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