I very well may cutoff my iPhone today 

I’m sick and tired of its poor utility that began wonderfully. Rather, there was a slow climb to comfort and a quick fall to displeasure. 

However, unlike most folks, I do not want a replacement of another type such as android, google, etc. I want to get out of this silly attached device. Attached at the hip enough, by a simple cellphone. Even more by the full out cpu in my pocket. But as it is now, what is the point which serves me?

  • Google maps doesn’t work 
  • Apple maps will not work beyond my local area
  • Apps must re-download daily and while it won’t transfer on cellular data, I don’t have wifi in my “house”
  • I tote my laptop everywhere now — decreasing need
  • I’ve soaked-up thousands of YouTube videos and will miss time in watching-while-driving, but even that could be replaced easily with predownloaded content

I feel like there’s more, but I’m ready to drive to a destination. I will certainly miss some aspects like typing in this blog at any whilm. Or not having a long history of old texts to scroll through (easily), documenting my conversations.

I believe the peace of mind, akin to cutting Comcast years ago, will overpower the anxiety of losing a couple conveniences. That and an easy $600 per year to this horrible habit of checking my phone each time I sense a buzz!

11:59am, Wednesday, 3.14.2018

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