12:45 am — Target 

Hell of a day!

All in wellness. Three conversations. One short yet insightful. One long and interesting. One fairly long and intriguing. 

All three for business. All three held significance. More connection on a personal level. Deeper understanding for business perspective. Lots of out of the box thinking and then a couple dots connected that were not bonded prior. 

This continued-on after an edgy awakening. To a knock, blue lights, and 3 officers responding to a worried house-call. I’m guessing that’s “worried” that I may be a thief. Not that I was literally trying to not freeze in this weather. 

The cops were kind, but they still made me move. I only wanted thirty more minutes… jeesh. No harassment beyond the three cars, blue lights, and three officers. No citation. No search for drugs. I fared well. (Is that faired?). The drug search would have gotten me! Ha, on minor possession of the herb the city just decriminalized. 

Then at the office. I like being able to say that again. A lady dropped a Crystal water (large) jug. A gallon or two gushed out. I swept-in to carry away the remaining gallons. 

Walking to near the front, where the office manager sits. After witnessing the first, I then saw the next crash as the desk of the manager collapsed into the floor. 

A huge crash and fifty pounds of equipment, computers, monitors, and knick-knacks dropped to the floor as I watched. She touched nothing. Somehow it crashed. I saw it myself, as if she (her desk) were attacked. 

Then nothing else. It comes in threes, but do you count my own as it was unrelated? I believe I caused the cops, but I prefer not to say why. But only as instant karma. Instant is my reality now. 

I cannot explain the two crashes — that sounds crazy to read — yet I witnessed both happenings and both were suspicious of paranormal activity with the random happenstance of their timing. Though, my explanation lack is to that of instant karma — having not been caused by a prior ill action. Furthermore, the two crashes only affected me by (me) being the “force to react” quickly and practically to ease the issues. 

As the manager had said, “bringing us together as a team”. At the coworker hub, the calls to action are quickly taken by the minds who aim to react. 

Situations, simple as these, show character. 

The ones who jumped, the ones that sat, the ones that watched, ignored, or were oblivious to the excitement. All types showed — even among that small crowd. 

Only in that first moment do I speak. Given a couple moments and most anyone will lend a hand. 

In that moment. That is where you find your leaders. 

1:23 am, Wednesday (wee past midnight), 3.14.2018

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