Officially an Employer

Heck yeah!!!

I could have done this previously. A long time ago, but now, it is final. The organization in which I am established will be titled BUZZ YARD SERVICES.

The order that creates the employer is that I have an EIN #. The Employer Identification Number which is required to govern employees or the single employee (myself) and to be in return taxed as expected. Tracked more rigidly than previously. Now to reap the rewards of the established reality. I also registered for the name, which is surprisingly a different process and which does not even govern the proposal of a sole proprietorship. Yet the registration of the name will allow an ease of transition to a corporation it would seem. It actually seems like a hoax, yet I played along with intentions to begin a new company and actually progress it for what I may. I will gain the domain name, next. In a moment for twelve bucks (got it for $1.17!!). Cheap enough, and then expect to begin a website soon. But for that I will wait, as not to apply $100+ for a venture that only needs the initial hold.

It feels great to have made the leap. Or the step in the correct direction. Now, I may begin to build the mountain of questions to thrust upon the mentors. I can begin a logo and a brand. Buy a few t-shirts and hats and then gain a supporter to assist with sells. Then canvass neighborhoods until we find a destination to gain the support that is required. Perhaps I can speak with some other lawn business owners to see their price structure. I am tempted to go out-of-town, to speak and see, to hopefully gain some insight. I need to find someone who is willing to be interviewed for answers.

I’m going back at it. The EIN is just a wee step. But an important one. A wee step in that it required only a few minutes in reality. A leap in that it took a week of thinking to gain the courage to leap into action.

The next steps, of just wee steps, they all are wee steps, must be taken, and in those steps, I will be searching, for the next step to take after.

4:16 pm, Monday, 3.12.2018

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