Obsession Drains The Body

Over the weekend, while business hours are obsolete at the business that I use as an office, I have to ponder on the next steps. As there is not much else that drives my heart to beat. I cannot for the life of me think of much else. All for the project(s) and none for myself, except for that which is contained by the projects. Yet the projects themselves will contain the packages that fill my toy-box. The processes that must be used to fulfill the tasks will themselves create the person that I want to be. That of vanity, of knowledge, of insight, of action, and of the voice which I had never used.

This time I spend in relaxation — forced. Forced, is not the way it looks; it is not the way I present the action. I take it as it comes, but I would rather have access (24 x 7) to the lab in which I can create with modern tools. I would rather burn the lamp at both ends as I have said in the past. The energy is not for lack. Yet during these weekends, when I cannot push farther, without undue drains to my energy, I take the relaxation and have extended my hours of sleep.

Back on Monday, and all that sleep begins to catch-up to the body. Two days in a row of excessive sleep and I want to continue past 8:00 am. So I do, I sleep until 8:30, to rise and breathe and begin my routine of my training regime that will not cease until the end of the day.

I noted the excess sleep is addictive or perhaps it is that the body begins to adapt. The adaptation process may be the addiction that people fall for. I just pondered this idea for sleep and it doesn’t seem to pan out, but for things like tobacco — perhaps a connection could be created. The body adapts to the condition and can still live without it; obviously, it can live without it. But as [you] begin to increase the uptake, the body continues to live on. It can adapt to the abuse that is forced upon.

As a righteous community cares for all things properly — the body does so in common workings. The body is a community of its own. Of the universe, we are said to contain a bit of all. Star-dust included, dark matter, and any bit of element from Carbon to Gold — the body contains each bit. With each particular form of matter in its proper aspect and ratio, guided in place by the community in which it lives. A community of elements that create one tiny body that in turn unite with many other forms to create larger and ever larger entities that finally amass to the whole of one human. This community creates a use for all, or disposes of the waste.

Until the septic tanks are full and there is no more room in the landfills!

Then the righteous community that you would call a human, becomes over-run with duty. Where to put the excess waste? How do these individual bodies of the community rise up in protest?

The answer lies by realizing how the body contains a community and realizing that each piece of that community has needs to be met and expectations to be fulfilled. There are orders to the magnitude of bodies, just as a government may aid in ruling over its people. But more like the way a church is supposed to be formed, in that the church regulates its duties by way of members coming forward to fill positions at their whim. To fill the role as voluntary, but to expect the rights of the position to be garnished along with the responsibilities inherent.

I need to stop for now, I just found myself on a large tangent. I need to get to work and figure out the next step. Today I may go apply for a business license and push toward creating a lawn care business. I must decide on a name to apply for and then push towards creating a logo. The logo and a sigil (of course!). I have one in mind for both comic value and creative utility. The name of meaning “READY FOR BATTLE”.

I love it. But it is a fairly common name possibility and I must check whether the name is available and then I will likely get laughed at a bit with the reasoning of the name and someone may grant me another name that will work better, but either way — the name is less important to me than the business itself is. I can work with most any name. I realize a name may be significant, but also just beginning the project with enthusiasm will create more significance to me. I believe I must begin with haste as the season for growth is upon us, and time is nigh for the doors to fully open.

10:47 am, Monday, 3.12.2018










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