Van Life Boredom 

If the transition had been quick, then I would have noticed in steeper contrast. Though my intense interest to learn has driven me to the point to where I decided to sleep near my work. Therefore leaving out the need to drive to and fro — cutting out the 20 mile (45 minute) trips. The extra time saved adds up to create a void that needs filling. 

With a dying phone and no destination in mind, I am unsure what to do. The time is barely passed seven; I stayed at the “office” a couple hours beyond the established hours. I want the extended hours so that I can burn at both ends and use that internet to search and dig to get towards the goal. As of now, the desk spots are all taken and I must wait. I’ve been rising with the sun — just behind it. Sleeping from well before midnight. 

The breaks are well met throughout the day because I still want the sunshine spread throughout. I have managed to work more than breaking and that is what I require. Yet, would like to use my more creative (post-midnight) hours in a more impactful manner. Now, if not asleep, will write on here or on paper or sit and think. 

I’m at the park now. The weather is chilly and I very well may not make it to the monkey bars where I had headed. Only to stretch my arms and make my leave. I’m feeling ragged at the hinges already—yesterday earned a brutal session of stretching. I pushed the limits in the front-splits. Nothing painful, but I am now sore in the hips and my spine is loose as well. Loose is well, but not in the natural way; that would be just normal. Loose doesn’t feel right, but also is a good sign of recent treatment. A break for today will do well.

I could kill time with a walk out on River Street. I’m very nearby. A couple miles is all. Or watch YouTube until my phone dies. Charging it via laptop along the way. All my laptop programs, sadly, require internet. 

I’m also famished enough to eat. Haven’t yet today and as I typed those words and thought about curry, my bowels rolled with anticipation. Or to the egg-rolls. Either or, but not more Peeps. I must stray from the aisle of Demonic Easter food. Honestly, I believe I crave the gelatin from the marshmallow. (Is that legitimate—does marshmallow contain gelatin?). 

What to do? There’s no MeetUp action. I could start a group, but it’s difficult enough to garnish group visitors on a Saturday, much less a Monday or Tuesday night. 

Last night, I recorded a solo podcast. Basically just told a story. But the audio quality was shite. I was lying down and had a dip in. It was late and I got a little emotional a couple times that I had to hold back. Pretty much scrap. It was practice — if nothing. Helped form the story for next time… perhaps tonight!

Had Saturday’s clip edited today; readied to upload to the YouTube in the early day. Such a pain to do, though I didn’t edit any talk and such. Just figuring out a couple tricks. This should be more presentable than the previous video as far as in/out screens. 

I’m hoping to maybe shoot an actual interview with a friend tomorrow. More so a casual conversation about whatever comes up. If weather remains nice, there’s a beautiful spot on a lake that we can shoot at. But wind may be an issue, but imagine we could post-up nearby in the woodline with the pretty backdrop. Either way, each time I speak with this guy, our conversation goes deep. He, himself is very intriguing and is loaded with ambition that he doesn’t exactly know how to motivate or steer. I am to help him with that and that is where my focus will be with him. 

I’ve burned an hour now. I’m gonna go see what I do. 

7:54 pm, Monday, 3.5.2018

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