Seeing the larger view

Looking on towards the grander scale is easy to participate within, though maintaining focus on the same dream and imagining the merge of now and later remains difficult. For to explain the confidence that has lived within for years that I plan to be wealthy is not enough. For that, the retort, “You just know, huh?” 

Yes. I know, but I don’t know exactly how. I only have expectations and calculated estimates as to the origins of these future riches. 

The other defiant response that perhaps my views on wealth — concerns topics other than money, such as health, family, or the like. That they understand.

However, that would only be humble of me to say and concur towards. I have no reason to lie. I have no reason to impress upon anyone’s ego or mine own, it just happens to be this way. For now, I sit at a lowly point, yet inspire myself to pursue a more difficult path. The path that kills, maims, or exalts the adventurer — depending on his footing. 

Humble is what I tend to remain as, while knowing inside that this ain’t easy. Simple is all. Breaking down to the core of yourself is the simplest idea, but remains to be very challenging. Once thrust upon the wheel without knowledge of the original thrust, but to awake from force of smacking again, after a bounce off the wall which abruptly broke your fall, you begin to clearly make out the outlines of your peers. Their shadows show attached to yours and you see the connections that form the bonds to you and from the interaction that follows, the shift bends. Air enveloping your energy becomes repulsive or attractive, with nothing between. There is no room for idle chat; none will do, for to the point it becomes duller than a cucumber tip. 

Now to continue on the path, the servant that was warned as a child. Once God is found, nothing else matters. And this is true, but it is more different than I would imagine because I have yet to find the one who was forced on me. As I said before, yet it needs repeating, the god I learned was from the Bible, but it isn’t the god you call God. That ass ain’t what the whole of God even is. That is a story to help visualize different phases of life and to explain the cycles that develop our structure. 

The god to follow is within you. The inner voice that shouts when you are quiet. The one that will give you a breakthrough idea while you stand in the shower. You only need to listen and know how to respond.

To know how to listen; it doesn’t all show up audibly; is a huge eye-opener. 

But it takes more than subtle hints like that (in blockquote)  to teach us. That is what the Bible has done and look at the confusion that has ensued. 

Not to blame; the story hidden for great intentions by a people whom thought they had known best. All to same for those like me who would rather truth be told. Analysis to continue. Facts to be looked at once again. For to see the truth behind the truth. The hidden truth. 

10:58 pm, Monday, 3.5.2018

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