Giving the blanket from a friend 

This story is threefold in reasoning to share as this is a lesson learned while intense coincidental significance emerged and while also gaining the joy of giving and from through a friend’s own gift. 

I’ll be frank, to begin by saying that I ungratefully accepted a donation due to my own concerns over the usage of the blanket. I had felt like an ungrateful ass, but I’ve nonetheless held on to the blanket to give at an appropriate time. I will describe my reasoning of which I had been ashamed, but I am open to the answer I’ve gotten in the end; the answer to my ungratefulness turned into a significant experience that now has taught a great lesson. 

The blanket is small. Like a lap blanket for me. Kinda thin too. Not very warm, and the patchwork (though well made) is random at first glance. I’m not artist, but I didn’t see much execpt that I did know that the group of ladies making these had great intentions. But I was also let down because I hadn’t much other attention to my outreach. She was late enough that I was on to next; I don’t know if I even thanked her in person as it was delivered through Mom. But, unfortunately, I was somewhat discouraged and I apologize. 

Yesterday. On yesterday, this is where I remain frank as I laid about in the park. I had just held the group (2 new ladies attended) “Yoga at Forsyth”. Yet I crossed the park to a more open location, on the east side, near the road. I worked on deep breathing for twenty minutes or so. All out — all in; deep suction in and round out. 

Do that. You become a actual magnet for attention. After sitting up, I had this fellow stroll up. One young beautiful girl was inclined to stop by us. We’re old; he’s homeless. I’m a magnet. 


The guy. We chatted. Turns out I think I know him, but I didn’t realize this until I offered to get him stoned. So we sat in my van, with his cat. I was honored to hear his reaction to what is a pretty nice setup. The subfloor with eggshell and green outdoor rug, really is comfy. We talked a bit. But I had to roll out before long. 

Before we parted, I offered a blanket. But as is normal, you must be forthcoming about extra generosity beyond scrap change. It only is at that personal level that you see. But it is difficult to give, so that they willfully want to receive; if you try it, you will see. 

I tried to give one of my blankets, but he declined. I insisted, but he declined. I know it was cold; I’ve been sleeping in my van but I have stacks of blankets on this subfloor, shielded from wet and wind.

Then I offered the blanket that came from a giver. I said from a group of old ladies. He seemed offended as he searched the pattern of the blanket. And I even apologized for the size because that was my main frustration, but to my surprise, his demeanor morphed into delight. 

As he spoke, I thought about the YouTube channel or even to video to explain to the next person. But, as my normal, I remained in the moment to speak later about. He opened my eyes to a story within the blanket. Something that I hadn’t looked for. 

Because I have done my own research into deep interests, esoteric knowledge, while looking for meaning all around, I can see what he meant. The narrative made sense. And with the significance that this man saw within the blanket, and I to be one to look for significance within the details of my day, I pushed it his way. Yet he again declined. 

“Hey man, no, take it”, after your explanation of the blanket; it is yours. The coincidence alone, if neither of us believe in coincidence, then you know this is for you.

The explanation was to the essence of this, as he scoured the grid of patches on the hind side:

“See this. That is military (mech-green uniform) and right beside it is this C. And over here is more military and it is beside a house (or something I didn’t hear).”

Yeah, don’t wanna offend you. He asked who made it, and I gave the giver’s name. And he said, 

“No it’s great, that all makes sense.”

He explained that a couple locations meant God, connected with military, family, cancer (pink), and food. 

“[She] had the audacity to put center in the center!”

That cracked me up. It was true, he showed me. 

I know I will see him again. That is just the first time speaking with him. (Since when I think I knew him as a teenager). It feels great to help out. It is awesome to gain a connection. It is fun to see the magic as it occurs through the coincidental situations happening to us. 

On the path and looking to the future to see how the past may assist by learning lessons and aiming to implement new orientations, I see the requirement to not begrudge a gift that is given – if the gift is meant as a donation. Even though I didn’t see the significance of the theme of the blanket, I cannot be ungrateful or quick to belittle the idea for my vain description of a more useful blanket (for utility over production value). 

It is not my place to judge. I never realized that other perspective and this was eye opening to say the least. 

Thanks again, for the donation!

2:35 pm, Sunday, 3.4.2018

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