business potential avenues

just to write these things out before they escape the thought, as if there aren’t more there, this is just more to the agenda that needs accomplish whether by my or other.

Establish a network (online database) for yards that have fruit bearing trees and other types of crops. This for the either non-profit or profit roles, as to which I really cannot comment or distinguish as from one to the other for now, as they seem to all need an inherent aspect of requirement of income. To continue on with their own agenda or to grow into a more established regime.

This could lead to a share program or that of an individual (paid/volunteer) to gather the products from around town as season predicts or to the call of a homeowner who decided to produce extra foods. The system could be scaled as with registered grows and leveled down to individual level where quality may not be controlled, but to the point that the product could be shared and that there could also be the aspect of social-connectedness as the “seller” or “donator” may be attached personally/professionally by name, association, and picture or advertisements.

This idea ties in with the upcoming push for tech jobs which should be more easily funded in the near future as attention has been focused on small business growth in recent times.

As for myself, I must decide what to write, but also why and how to write the plans for the corporation which I first will create. It appears best to find a lawyer whom will write out the plans, but I need to devise the rough draft and finalize the idea of what must be accomplished on my end by the time the initial stages will be ready to complete. As in, by the time the lawyer gives me a piece of paperwork and says “fill this to your best knowledge”. I need to have some knowledge as to about what to say.

Except I know that I will not fully grasp what is required, or perhaps at times overthink beyond the requirement. I need a bit of mentorship, without the total commitment of a mentor. I just need a bit of advice on what to put, as in to help narrow my focus into a region where I am not too pigeon-holed… or is that even a problem? Is there much room for error after I begin, I just need to get beyond the steps of the initial claim for the entity and not as much as needed for funding, or is it basically the same as to where I need to have an actual planned reason to begin the beginning of the business?

The only plan I have for now is to “wing it”. On a daily basis I work towards the goal with every intention to change the line towards the goal at the drop of a hat if required by the path to be changed, then it will be changed. But I still must create a path to begin with, as the path continues to change, it also focuses towards lights that I were not really aware of, and now my focus has been scattered throughout the sphere.

…Looking now, it would seem that my focus must be aligned with a narrative that allows growth with immediacy. Spring is coming very shortly and with that, there is always growth. It does not matter the economy or the mood of the social environment or the politics, the season is for growth and it will be Springing forth towards growth.

I already see it coming in my area as the trees are slaughtered all around us. It makes me a bit sad, to think of what will be done in the place, but more so to the little rabbits, owls and such whom just ran from the soul-less monsters that ripped down hundreds of acres overnight. and only to be replaced by pavement for the remainder of the horizon. And lights to fill the dark sky at night, even though there are headlights as well, and the whole zone will now be lighted from day until night and there will be nothing much of life, except for whatever lives between the cracks of asphalt.

But if we could use a bit of that space and create a food forest in the quake of what is now gone. Then I would be estatic, but I fear that at best the space will be filled with homes where children may play. But I imagine in most of these locations, that the streets will be plenty, asphalt will cover the majority of leveled ground, and dandelions will be poisoned on a regular basis as their colored nature will not be allowed within the green lush grass that must be not walked upon.

…I need a business plan.

4:20 pm, Friday, 3.2.2018

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