New Month Today

Today is the Full Moon. March 1st of 2018. I aim to attend the City Hall for the first ever time. I brought nice pants and shirt, but only have flip flops (or boots if I must). As for now, I sit and think of what needs to be done next. To sit and write and think about the next step. I have many options to chose from, of which I almost want to just go nap to think after I write them out. To ponder on the next step. The city hall visit sounds dull and exciting. A true turn of events for which I did not imagine, though should have — having known for ages where I would head, but did not realize the immensity of change that would occur before it happened, or exactly to the circles in which I would sit upon to reach the beginning climb towards the entry level. For now, I realize that I must create an entity. But for my own intensive purposes, the entity must be multi-tiered. Robust, if you prefer, so that the initial entity will protect the others to come. Herald the next in-line corporations to follow with ease and realization of factors of setup and allowances required to easily flow the next one. To connect the enterprises as a web of services as to which one may pick from and flow through another to develop the next branch of the web. For as the plan has started through real estate intentions, to mass a few houses as rentals. Though that plan is intact and running, hesitantly, but still in progress towards its proper alignment. The next step would to be to increase that load, but that requires investment capital. That will come shortly enough, but for raising of funds, growth of a service function sounds proper. The prospect of influence into lawn care has knocked on my door and I may answer fully with my own services, as connected to the one who invited me to his domain, but in my area, with knowledge of how he sees it done and the valuable information and insight that is given through the process of assisting in his project.

While going forward in the other avenue of directly earning cash for capital is simple; I use the badge I earned through paperwork and a wild-goose-chase and go drive people in the pedicab for cash. But the grind does not seem proper in these overcast mornings, and by night I am in the heat of learning more about something in the business realm, or connecting dots that I have already been aware of, that were there, but that they were connected afterwards and I see now how to use them, to manipulate my surroundings, but there are hurdles to jump in the meantime before I can experiment with that aspect. I know I must buy a license, for a corporation, or some exact process that I am unaware of, if whether it is called the license or just the entity of its own exact name. Regardless of the ramble over semantics of the title, I need to verify details of the process or to find one to set it up. As I believe to be the more sound method. Of mine, to see not necessarily how it was birthed, but just to establish the guy so that its offspring may quickly come and enjoy their more methodical birth by way of learning how to establish the links more properly. With experience, processes always are best. The best companies are not created as their first births by their creators. The entities are practices works that need to be learned to be perfected. By the time I get the next few in process, we could figure out systems to produce better setups, as somehow there aren’t basic guides for these things. Everyone does it a little bit different, as crazy as that actually sounds!

So the number one question in my book is:

How much could we birth one corporation for, and to what degree may it be setup so that a function could be driven to create income shortly after for any number of types of business propositions, but if nothing but to create a tax break and business loss account, so that receipts may be deducted for business related expenses, as my life revolves around my own business intentions as of now? I can relate my allocations to much of business intentions, for credits and deductions, but to create official legal pathways to manipulate the energy flow of my money and to use to my advantage finally is a drastic change towards success in any matters. To create your shield, to protect your investments, for to create as an investment. Though the question posed is that how much to create the first setup, to arrange it so that the breaks may be realized and to setup the channels between business so that products may be bought pre-tax as may be very beneficial and to catch breaks through other business related duties, where consumers have no access to the possible transactions?

As a car salesman at the auction; [you] do not have that access, but [you] could have that access.

Culling others towards my direction, to share insight. Even though I am not educated in the sense of the public. I have disdain for much of that atmosphere, though I love the entertainment of education at the atmosphere in a purer environment where the lecturer is honest and open and shares his or her own views along with the chatter of the sciences with exactness and their own version of their truth and proper knowledge of the only great way. Rambled beyond the thoughts of that aspect and I love the pursuit of knowledge and to question the reason for the reason a term is what it is.

But I never knew the root of the words or letters or even where they come from or mean. And as they explain the Greek origin of words, do you not imagine that the meaning that they imagined as the root of the word, that takes so many other words to explain that one meaning of the root of one word, so that you have to use tens or twenty or thirty words to explain one root of four letters, but even at times where a paragraph is needed to explain a word and that word is only one part of the explanation of the word that is describing a four letter root of a word, but each of the words to describe that root need explanations to be able to explain that root, and what does that say about the circular knowledge required to learn the depth of one root of one word. We say so much but we barely know the idea that is involved to create the reality that the word itself has explained already.

I reread that and realize that if anyone decides to read that and reach this point after continuing on, then they are mad! you sir, have gone mad and I appreciate your dedication into the pursuit of the knowledge of another insane man. But I digress, the aspect of this has just occurred in recent weeks, upon research of the alphabet, the correlation of runic symbols, and the crossover of numerology. Yet it is only within my dot-connecting persona that I have developed a realization of what I meant there. It is much to pick apart, except to attempt to try to explain again. Later. As for now, the audience which I speak would be to the future self, as most of this is, just for record. If not of any kind of strange outreach, to any whom reads any of this, to the points of the constant repetition of showing how words will create for you as you would like, or not like.

As for now, back on the topic of my agenda. To learn to speak to the correct person and to get an actual quote of cost to begin an agreement to begin my corporation is the main step. And then to gain the cash to purchase that entity and setup. But also, to know what steps that I can do on my own, without legal advisory. How much for this cost, of this route or what is the option of that. And what does that do for my involvement towards building the next company, as this is the next step, quickly afterwards.

Thing is. As I sit here and watch the tech guys and gals around me. They sit and type, just as I do, but committed towards a singular goal or as a team — I am unsure. They sit, dedicated, but for what I do not know. If it is for their entrepreneur path or if this is just their internet cafe for superb speed and great coffee. But either way, they are setup in an environment which is not the typical setup and I love the idea that you may forge away from the typical day or surroundings of the everyday man. But for me, Even though, I know I can do this and type or design away my day. These are not the things I desire unless it is for short term or to learn, or to design the next step, but for production of making the next step happen is where I enjoy the process. But I stuck myself in these roles while I had to learn the dedication that is involved in the process of perfection to heights that are necessary for precision and to realize that the precision isn’t even as required as you would have initially expected or to have been lead to believe is even possible. As you must lie to get the truth that you want to sell. The inherit rules that are broken at each step are a must as without doing so forces you beyond the budget that is required to complete the task in a fudge-free manner. I have seen this time and time again for what can officially be called years, as it was beyond a singular year of real time experience and first hand witness of seeing both sides of the scenario. To be the eye who cannot hear nor is required to speak beyond my desk’s position.

Strategic planning is my pursuit, throughout my life. It may seem as of now that I have lost the battle, but it is just a point where I sit, as I plot my way that I know is comfortable. I am seeing the horizon now, as a board game. I have learned to enjoy our board-game nights, however many of the games annoy me as there aren’t enough conceptual strategic elements inherit to many of the more “fun” games. The ones that deal with deep concepts of worker management, strategy of offense/defense, or many other mechanisms that build on concept of time versus micromanaged systems and I revel in enjoyment, though these games are not played much by my group. Yet, I see now. As the horizon is the board. And there are tiles around that are the workers. There are jobs for each and each would love to have those positions. And not to be the one who forces, but I see myself as one that sets the tiles into order and isn’t the tile himself. I don’t want the individual job, except as for fun at times, or to entertain an aspect to help myself get beyond that moment. Or to design a project that needs attention. To focus the attention of someone else, so that we can do something else instead, that otherwise needs attention. Not that you want to do that work… I don’t either. But someone does, I guarantee, but you don’t know that person, and they don’t know you, but someone does. I dunno. I don’t exactly know what to do as hard as that is to say right now. After rambling for days or hours here and imagining the possibilities. Yet, within any of this is far from beyond the diagonal that I feel I sit, with hands on keyboard, ass on pillow, here in this air conditioned building. I need to get out for a bit, under the gray sky, sleep in the van, prepare for City Hall, perhaps hail a ride from my friend who I am supporting with the visit. Parking sucks down there anyway and I need to find a bike to ride around here. Maybe I will start walking, from the nearest, non-metered parking spot, it is a mile or so to River Street. That’s not so bad.

10:44 am, Thursday, 3.1.2018

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