Google Grow Comes To Savannah, GA

Soaking up ideas.

Gaining insight into the workings of organizations. I sit here among the Creative Coast Ecosystem meeting. I’ve witnessed several other meetings already in the last week. At this meeting here, of excitement to the attendees, sits a Google employee. There are several chairpersons or CEO/COO’s, consultants, and other educator-marketers and others like me who are here to learn more about business.

The entire room just introduced their-selves, including myself! I got a laugh out of everyone as my description of, “I am Russell Parker . . . and I did not know I was getting into this.”

The Google representative, Stephen Brokaw, is discussing Google Grow. Also, the CreativeCoast link.

They want to reach cities who are aiming for technology growth. I have also read that these programs are leaned towards a fair-priced economic area where growth is occurring but the living costs are still low. The Savannah area is ripe for this, as seen for Gulfstream employees.

Google is now attempting to access the area, to see where Google may support growth in the technological sector. Now may be a good time to build a business and have support on design – to gain technical insight of educational matters regarding tech growth. It appears that they are creating multiple school courses that will have campuses in the area. Geared towards a variety from youth, entry-level jobseekers, or ongoing education or return to working state.

He answers my question on tuition costs as: “Free”. I’m uncertain as to the program allotment or what you may could learn. How basic or the amount or tiers of entry into the program?

There is no date set for their coming to the area, but aim for around summertime it seems.

The Tech Corridor has been passed at the state government as of today.

What exactly is the tech corridor, or what does it aid?

  • near I-16 & I-95, on both sides of the roads – 1/4 mile on either side.
  • If you relocate to this area, then there are incentives for you business to grow.


That was all pretty interesting.



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