Rib Cage Morphing 

That sounds strange to say. To see on paper. My skeleton is morphing. 

The extreme exercises are causing change to occur, though it often worries when I look in the mirror, upon initially noticing, I have no fears as it feels fairly natural. Just seems strange in subjection. 

I will detail a sketch to show:

Rib in view is the point which I speak of. This rib has protruded outwards on both sides, yet the side that I detail has come further out than the other. 

The ribs below the rib [just below the arrow noting Diaphram (yes, I see its spelling is wrong)] has moved inward, while the rib in question has shifted outward. 

The change seems to arrise from my breathing exercises. As I have learned to inhale deeply and forcefully. Coursing the air from belly to chest and back to belly. Clamping down with my skeletal musculature to force air deep into the pockets of my rear and side torso. 

The practice has brought greater flexibility in my training. I dug down another inch further in my front splits on yesterday while using the exhaustive breathing technique. Also managed to flatly lie on my back from a sitting (on legs) position. In same fashion as I could easily do last year, before the spike of back pains which have been annoying me and delaying the increased flexibility and potential movement of my spine. 

Yet, the movement of my rib cage is odd. I had no anticipation of this, nor of the other details, such as how the ends of my ribs seem to be curling up — like a suit of armor — as I continue to use my methods. 

The curl rolls outward and the dip is inset. But I wonder if this feature was present before, or if the changes have occurred. These two are tough to decide because my fat no longer covers these areas. No longer spongy by touch. 

However, while the ribs have gained hardness and greater resistance to pain, the sensitivity of the dip has increased and a small void seems to lie under that spot. Perhaps a pressure point of weakness or a location to treat for some type of relief. 

Perhaps the dip is an avenue for energy to pass like the extra hole in your buttocks (that you didn’t know you have). That extra hole where the tail would form if we were monkeys. Or like the belly button, where energy naturally resides and flows through. 

…Kind of like the temples on your head; energy flows here with abundance. These dips seem to be locations where energy passes. From strong locations of energy, where you never realized before. 

The protrusion of the ribs, and the possible morphing of their shape has alarmed me, yet without fear of need for surgery. The natural change must be witnessed and noticed to determine causation. I would like to speak with a monk or someone as such who has embarked on a likewise journey of pushing beyond barriers like these. 

I don’t know what to think about these things; I only want to notate them before my chest cavity opens below my skin! If anything—ughh, I won’t even type the one fear I have—to not hide it away, but to not allow it to happen. 

Like I have shown through video, the techniques are somewhat extreme. To the common person, they would be very hesitant to continue on the path — if ever to even begin. 

10:07 am, I must get up and go. I have to go learn my software so that I can jump to a new topic and further my path of entrepreneurship and begin my corporation with yet another skill under my belt and another talent to pass on if I desire to consult other new business owners. I am uncertain to the next step; it has not surfaced in my mind. I have no justifiable reason to pick the next topic of knowledge until I cross the path of an obvious obstacle. 

10:12 am, Thursday, 2.22.2018

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