Must get beyond dog fear

The dreams of recent have been insane. With dogs chasing me every night, I must figure out how to get over this. I just have no certain clue as to why I even fear them.

I’ve realized now that when it strikes, besides my dreams, is within an intimate setting with a full-sized canine. Like tonight, where I ended up caging myself away from a friendly dog. A pit, but sweet as can be. I am near the dog often, but energy in that house can get intense due to hard surfaces for all veneer. And loud homeowners, not to complain, but the house gains much energy as we converse. 

The heightened energy had to settle; I even requested a break from the dog. I could not take it; anxiety was setting in. 

Though in my dreams, the reality is there as much as now — heightened even. The dog chases each night have sent me climbing ladders, trees, and atop furniture. Each time barely escaping their gaping jaws. 

I’ve thought on how to realize that it is purely a dream, though this concept is impossibly difficult to control. The time I realize, I’m at the peak of fright and begging to awake once I notice. I’ve done amazing things when realizing I’m dreaming in the past. But getting to that point of reality is difficult to manage. 

I’ve thought on murdering the dogs; snapping their necks or splitting their jaws apart. I’ve been forced into those situations in dreams of past where animals flipped out, snapped, and turned upon me. 

Yet, for once in my life, I have grown fond of dogs as they continue to greet me in the park on a regular basis. They run from far away like I’m their magnet as I stretch out in the grass and sun. I’ve finally appreciated the creature and pondered having one at my own house (a small one!). 

On my way home tonight, I realize that I need to figure out how to calm them. Perhaps after I am upon the ladder. But then I know that I must first realize that [this] reality is now a dream and like I’ve stated, this is extremely difficult to recognize in the heat of the moment — at the peak of panic. 

Further beyond, how to manage to calm the beast? Conjure a steak from a random area. Find a pack of lunch meat. But then during the intensive session of eating, where they become defensive or confused about the lack of abundance, I would assume a more tactical approach to physically, psychologically, or spiritually bring peace to the dog. 

My understanding of behavior of the canine is poor. The comprehension of their character is negligible. I barely like them, still, and so how does one surpass this barrier?

Am off to sleep soon; with anxious desire to dream again. Hoping to pass by without another fight. Hoping I may quell the storm and not just survive another dreadful nightmare. I want to somehow cure this anxiety, I have never liked the feeling while having lost the reasoning for the issue. 

1:38 am, 2.22.2018, Thursday 

Hey it’s 2.22.2 today!!!

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