Learning New Software 

Starting today, the class has begun with serious effort put forth. I must learn the essentials of video editing so that I may produce my own videos. The labor seems interesting, because the program is deep, yet simplistic at the entry level. 

I’ve begun cutting, trimming, and discovering the process which entails. I’ve begun to see the intensity involved and can imagine sitting with tunnel vision for hours on end as I’ve done with CAD in the past. 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC — as an online service is an extremely affordable option. Opposed to buying one program for $300, I have access to many Adobe products beyond the video editing software which I wish to learn now. 

There is also Illustrator. With knowledge of this software (several years ago), I could have gained a great design job. The program has been on my mind, occasionally, ever since. There are several more, and all work in conjunction with each other. 

Who knows what I may learn. I am to pursue the knowledge in my normal extreme fashion, by tossing down ten hour — practically nonstop — sessions of burnout level attention. Apparently, the skills needed for the expected experience required may be gained within a couple weeks. Enough to gain side-work perhaps if I gain enough speed and gain a knack. 

Though, in reality, I only aim to produce decent quality while getting basics down, so that I may quickly replace myself with labor while knowing the detail of work involved. This always helps in informing your decisions towards outsourcing. Gaining the ability to converse with partners in business, with common problems of advertising and promotion. 

I could realize the lack of need or the opposite and feel desperate in the plight of the akward designer, the one without the eye for style. As the color-blinded man with little care of aesthetics of useful man-made items. 

Give me a week, I may end the drive, but for now I plan to live in that tunnel where focus is harnessed as a magnifying glass does for a ray of sunlight. Burning a path through the leaf. That covers the next layer which needs to soon be burnt away as well. 

2:08 am, 2.22.2018, Thursday 

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