Finally, A Peaceful Dream 

Had been “playing” World of Warcraft with my older nephews. They were still kids. 

But we were in the game. 

Both dreams had similar life-saving mechanisms in place. Where in the W.O.W. dream, I had lucked up by gaining a rare enchantment during the moment before jumping off a cliff. I was mounted on a bird-like creature, riding its back. Where suddenly a cliff appeared into view and I plummeted beyond the edge and towards impending death. 

But then the bird floated down instead; safely landing 20,000 feet below. That mount would not have glided otherwise. The enchantment was coincidence, we took them for fun — before knowing about the cliff. (Nephew didn’t fall off cliff. Just me and my carrier.)

But the first dream was interesting and lucid as well. Where an older version of my oldest nephew was driving a car. We kept looping around on a mountainous roadway. The path was created in style as a video game—still in the same land, yet fighting no dragons and having no dungeons or dragons to slay like the first dream. We had stormed a castle-dungeon in the prior dream, fighting lines of two legged monsters wearing armor. 

This roadway had a windy pass that curved around (sketch, below). The course had to be treated with respect, but instead he had pushed the limits repeatedly! He would speed up, instead of down, ignoring the obvious warnings and testing my courage or patience. 

I detailed the routes as A, B, C — below. (A) path was safe, to be cautious and slower. This needed analysis to drive through. Or to follow the other drivers, there were a few. But he never used this safe route. Instead, he aimed for (B) and succeeded multiple times. Until the last run, where I thought we would perish by falling 15,000 feet (C) to the choppy seas below. 

Each time passing through this dangerous zone, he had floored the pedal and used the cliff like the Dukes of Hazard. I would hang on tight — full of doubt inside of my chest, holding the “O-Shit!” handle and preparing to die. Yet each time we passed on to land safely. 

However, on the final attempt, he pushed the limits and knowing the jump was in our future, he began to speed for an extra quarter mile. Forcing the top speed to an extra 33%. We were flying at an estimated 90 mph as we sailed off the mountainside with poor, uncontrollable aim. The car speedily plunged towards impending doom. 

The vehicle landed smoothly — flat on its bottom that morphed into a boat’s hull. We no longer had wheels for that moment. He didn’t even acknowledge our possible demise as if he hadn’t cared. He didn’t know the car would transform into a boat and neither did I. 

I soon awoke. My blankets without the sweaty glaze of fear. No panic; only relief. Saved by the dream itself. Though at no point, like I hoped, did I realize I was dreaming. That place is vivid as is now. I just happen to do much more interesting things in my dreams. 

There was a bit of perversion in my dreams, but nothing vile or overly erotic. The night was fairly calm. Between the typical extremes of ecstasy or nightmare, there was still excitement but without fear of the bite which I dread, of teeth by the dogs that have been chasing me through houses, yards, parking-lots, and storage facilities. There were even replayed memories of times which I’m fond of, from pleasant, easy, fun times of my past. From the time where my “boys” were far too young to drink alcohol. 

It was fun — even if we did almost die!

9:03 am, 2.22.2018, Thursday 

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