Like Clark Kent In A Phone-Booth

I am much busier than you think. I have been in a nonstop schooling session ever since August. I have been learning much of what I plan to speak of. However, I believe this is the method of everyone anyhow. To speak on the most recent learned topic, no matter if it is newly released technical information or rediscovered truths within the realm of esoterics. There are backbones of science behind each, where power to change our reality has become apparent. With the information that I have learned, along with the change of attitude, I aim to spread the new message, mixed with my former because everything ties in together. 

The time I spend in that booth, twisting and turning in yogic postures to rip my suit blazer off and magically perform my duties. There is much behind the scenes, though in relation to whom ever reads this; I have no clue how you spend your time. I relax or study. My study has been being social and speaking to everyone around. Study through thousands of hours from YouTube. Study through google and beyond or podcasts. I have not watched television except out of desperation or by force of society around me. In your friends or families homes, they are constantly plugged into the commercial-driven network of programming, where it idly sits and broadcasts ill desires into the house. The comparison of a television show to that of information absorption is an annoyance at worst; it is a shame to compare. 

The esoterics that have been studied allows the learner to look deeply into advertising and to the symbology that is rained down on to you with each passing moment. Subconsciously morphing your outlook on this life, sucking you into the fear based mindset that drives this society. I look around now, in amazement, you cannot fail to see it, once you first see. I was blind and now I see. 

11:38 am, 2.16.2018, Friday 

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