This day in my business

I like the sound of that, right there. Though, the business is yet a dream. A plan, more so. I am heading in direction of incorporating and forming my own corporation. An entity to keep my finances safe and secure and effectively working for me, instead of against myself like all before.

You will quickly begin to see how the corporation is the only one with rights within our country. Then you will want to create your own entity. The idea of creating an entity is a term in magic. To summon a force that will work on your behalf for whatever reason you fashion, and in that regard, this entity will protect you and grow your financial reserves with quickness.

Even with my slack financial assets and credit score, I know that I can rebound with ease. It may be a little rougher, than had I never had problems, than the average consumer. That is quite fine — I am not your average person.

This day began with the 1 Million Cups — weekly event. A speaker by the name of Bargeron (I have to look again, later) had a message about growing your business. His main point strikes on much of what I think about. Having to do with awareness. He spoke eloquently and seemed to say that as he grew-up, he did not enjoy speaking. I can definitely relate to this experience.

On my end, several ministers have come from my near family. All of Christian faith. It is funny to me now, as I sit and preach to you. To YouTube, whoever may listen. Yet when or as I speak about Christian topics, I look at it from a whole different perspective about Fire & Brimstone than that of my cousins. I could tear into a rant here, describing what I mean, but that is left for a more educational oriented post. Perhaps a dedicated page, even. Here would merely be an introduction to spike the subconscious or to threaten to pierce the veil which surrounds the religion you recognize.

The veil has been lifted and the knowledge is present. Even Jesus did not mean what he said, and he said that he meant things that which he did not say. Confusing – yes. Afterall, the name itself means ‘yes’.

Excuse me, the Bargeron fellow was the followup. A lawyer spoke about non-disclosure for an hour during the meetup. This guy followed, where I met a couple other acquaintances whom I may use for business reasons.

Afterwards, I strode down to see a friend where he works. Where he was absent, but I waited… and while I waited, I spoke to the other clerk. Turns out, I overheard her explaining her pain — of some sort. It turns out it is post-surgery pain. From minor surgery. I had been talking for ten minutes prior and figured I would give the ‘dwadle’ technique a go. Asking her if she is interested in trying a mind-trick to overcome her knee pain.

She was interested, in disbelief, but willing to try.

I briefly explained the process. We discussed the origins of the pain/discomfort. Then I led her through the trick.

When we finished, it only takes around thirty seconds, I told her: “I would normally suggest (two other times) to get up and see how you feel, but being as you were not ‘currently’ in pain, then I dunno”.

She perked up and said that her knee felt looser. As in it had been tighter, probably from standing all day. But now, “it feels loose”.

Well that’s great!!! 

How long will this last??

It will not not last... I mean, if it is gone, then it is gone. It will not come back. Now hopefully that is the case with the pain, later tonight.

I’m thrilled to go back and see her final results. I guided her to subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Alchemic Healer.

That is just so cool. It is amazing how well this works.

I gathered a video production editor and a branding company as potential resources. Today seems like it all went as well as possible. I also created one video, that is being uploaded as I type. Great day today, may tomorrow bring even better things. Oh yeah, I do have a job interview tomorrow… landscape laborer. Sounds horrible, but it may be something I actually need right now. We shall see!!!

9:55pm, Wednesday, 2.14.2018

I had to come back and edit; I forgot to mention that of teaching the fellow how to breathe correctly. As in through the belly and not the chest. I had a video regarding this event, inspiring me to explain the breathing process more precisely. I had to note, for myself of this happening, before lost to time and history unwritten.

2.16.2018, 00:18, Friday













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