Habits to continue 

I just posted my introduction with information of my new life purpose, for now at least until another derails me. Yet this one is a stretch beyond anything previous. A far reach into an area of unknown. I aim to become incorporated. I will have a corporation soon. It will be small at first, though quickly it will grow. The corporation is the start and I can fully see many more in its quake. The ball has begun to roll. The energy has built stronger with each day. Momentum is rising and I’m looking forward to action.

The habit I will continue is following my vision, through my gut and reactions. Through thinking over initial reactions to conclude whether correct terms were taken and to plan the next like situation for what will be then done. Remaining within strategic eyesight over the fields below me, looking above and below for bird or snake to trip my way or to show me a path in which i had yet to have noticed. This path of cautious surrender to the world around allows keen observation to determine the next step.

The next step to take, i want to take action and read a manual on policy and procedures and terms and gain my business degree through my own eyes and through the own books that i find and google, YouTube, and the others whom i meet at these entrepreneur events and functions where people try to sell their own services and to see their tactics of self promotion as that aspect is difficult for anyone; it is a secret that is tough to relay, for we all have too much pride and yet fear that the aspect you wish to not show is what you are actually showing by not proudly boasting your skills and services. By not giving them the proper recognition that you very well know they deserve.

…juice time at the only fresh juice bar in town.

12:26 pm, 2.15.2018, Thursday

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