It’s probably strange 

To most folks. To sleep in your vehicle in your yard. Especially when you get out of bed to do so.

Dad would (does) think I’m nuts. However, he sleeps in the recliner almost every night. Waking to leg cramps or what have you. I, on the other hand, have no qualms. I just want to sleep on a flat surface and nearer to nature.

It’s not very cold out. It’s almost too warm for a blanket.

I plan to add a floor soon. Then a couple walls to below the windows, and then I need shading to close off the seats up front. I will certainly take pictures after; it is unimpressive now. Depressing, perhaps, even. Yet I love it, besides the disorder. I need to add the spare to its storage place, below the undercarriage.

…3:41am, think I shall try to sleep.

3:42am, Sunday, 2.11.2018

**I thought yesterday was the 9th!! And yesterday the eighth!! Haha, what happened to feb 8th???!!!

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