If you watch me cook . . .

You would not think that I am a health nut!

Just poured a quarter cup of oil to start my potatoes o’ brien. Then to cruise the pantry and finding spam, slice a few pieces of pink slime blob to toss in the fry pan. A quarter stick of butter to boot, for flavor. 

The multitude of curry spices added helps to alleviate my overindulgence. It will speed the final exit. Then two eggs on top, before the cheese gets added. A bit of cheddar and a pile of parmesan. 

The plate has gained a thin lamination of honey and cinnamon added to the stir-fry. This spam, tator, and cheesy eggs just went Thai. 

This should be delicious. All my food is when I use creativity. 

It is complete. A picture and a taste. 

It is divine. 

Probably twelve hundred calories there. Give or take. It’s not enough though. 24 hours since last feeding!

1:27am, now Saturday, 2.10.2018

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