Magnetic Electric

That is the way it feels at times. A line from the movie Simon, King of Witches.

Well, I just rolled over at 4:20am, it’s now Thursday. On yesterday afternoon, while at Forsyth, I took a stroll over to the monkey bars. Did a few stretches and then laid out on the grass, kicked up a few headstands, and soaked in the sun. I talked with the chic who sells jewelry as a pan-handler. She is rather interesting and sweet, though she forces herself upon a rough life after her life became too intense.

I strolled across the park when finished, nearly 3pm. The only reason I was down there was to visit the Million Cups event at 9am. I had been lazing around, thinking on our business plans, and trying to recover from my latest intensive training. I decided to up my game on deep-breathing and began to do it as I walked. Hollowing my stomach on each exhale and filling to max during inhale.

I decided to walk to nearly the basketball courts, to lay in the grass and perform a few more headstands and delve deeply into the breath-work. I had already done this once, a half hour prior, so I was primed.

I decided to plop down a few hundred feet from two young ladies with their dogs. But before I did, one of their dogs came running my way. He was a golden retriever — such a happy dog. He swam between my legs and around and got petted all over in return. Dropped his ball in front of my feet. So I tossed it towards the girls. So then I laid down and stretched out, removing my shirt to soak up the sunshine. The impending rain clouds had blown away temporarily.

Within moments, the golden dog had returned. He licked over my entire face before I could react! Directly over my nose, mouth, eyes, haha. His owner spoke up and I hollered back about the extreme happiness of this dog. I decided for once to not say how I have always not really liked dogs; that line never actually helped my situations, and I actually kind-of like dogs these days, oddly enough. I layed back down and rolled into a back stretch.

A couple of minutes later, laying there on my back once again. I was primed for the golden boy to return and I heard quick steps coming my way. I tossed my hands up to guard and looked to my left and it was a different dog! One that looked like a dingo initially. Just looking at me… “You cool buddy?”. Looking up, it was the other girl’s dog. I petted him/her. Was sweet after all. She yelled out to me, “You have some kind of magnetism today!!”.

She strolled over to retrieve her dog. Or so it seemed. Introducing herself, I spoke to her a moment. Probably should have gotten her contact information, but I let it slide. The encounter was great, as always when another attractive person basically hits on you. I know I am rather blind to these things, but it is much easier to see these days. I tend to think what I should have said afterwards, though at the same time, it feels difficult to invite them into my life in the way that it is.

I just bought a van that I can partially live in as a nomad. It isn’t even a nice van. I barely can hold on to my house and though I am starting several business opportunities, they all seem to be far from actual real profit. And then as if that doesn’t sound bad enough, I stay at my parents when not living in the van!

Fun fun, only thing I could think of was Magnetic Electric as I pulled away from the park.

4:49am, Thursday, 2.8.2018

…it was 4:20 and I didn’t even smoke!!


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