I’m thankful of less intense dreams

Which I will thank good old Mary Jane for helping with. The last few days prior had some ridiculously nightmarish dreams that woke me from bed in tears. The dreams become so real that it is difficult to see how they don’t mean something, but what?

My dream from last night wasn’t so bad. I really didn’t expect calm dreams because I hadn’t smoked for a few hours before actual sleep. Now, I did have a bath and slept in the waters for two or three hours, waking to cool water. But the sleep in bed didn’t occur until around 4:30am, and to rise at around 8:30.

The dreams last night were aligned with videos that I had watched earlier in the night. Dreams of Luck and how to make it happen. Dreams of wonder and mystery. I recall a 2-sided die like rock with a face carved into each side in a sort-of ying yang way. One face with a #3 and the other #8. Though, I’m not even sure if that makes any type of sense for me. The die wasn’t exactly rock, it was wooden, possibly. Perhaps petrified wood, looking back on the image that I still clearly see.

I recall pleasure in my sleep in that there wasn’t a violent or horrific scene. I was able to do what I wanted and that was to think about different aspects of luck. I dreamt of the lottery, scratch-offs, but only a hint of the idea. I know in my own mind, not just within a dream, that I will not actually win the large chunk of cash until I actually don’t need it — or think I do. Perhaps that is the reason that I haven’t hit the one that I plan to hit. As crazy as that sounds, it fits my thought process. I have always expected that my wealth will come from that of my own capacity.

That is of the reasons to finally throw down and begin a business. That and to assist with others in their business endeavours. Yet only in a mutual relationship. I have no plans to work with (you) unless you and I have a connection beyond the pure working relationship. We need a connection of mind and spirit to satisfy my reasoning to help you. I need to see a reason to help — a reason that we could connect — I have to be able to trust you.

Within the consultation business that I have planned, I really don’t exactly know what I can offer. Well, not in fullness. I have much that I can help you with by the skills that I have learned over my years and then that of the new, which is where I would rather assist. The new is that of knowledge of the last few months.

That new way is to help you discover whom you are now, whom you would like to be, and then what is your ultimate goal and how do we make the transition from the beginning to the middle and finally to the primary goal. I offer much in getting your mind clear and straight. Your body as well, if you are interested; this trouble spot is pretty major for every person. When you are well, physically, you are able to heal your mental problems and spiritual problems much easier. We are many spoked wheels — not just two-sided physical and mental beings. neither is it just the three, by adding spirit in there. That may encapsulate All, but it does not allow analysis as does looking at the many patterns of spokes available to that same wheel.

…I need to get on with my day. A Epsom soak already, to begin the day anew. I need to rest today, as my upper/inner stomach muscles seem quite sore after all the hardcore training that I’ve been doing. Not silly crunches. Nor “exercise”, this is from headstands, breathe work, sucking-in-belly in process, and from the Qi Gong (finger-jabbing) for hours on end. On yesterday, I promised to break from this, but then I pressed on and did more. Massaged the area and even tried a wee bit of Reiki on the spot. The tender spot is now sore, like that of an overworked muscle. This relieves me a bit, because I actually had worried over using too much force — too quickly in this practise. But that’s how it goes when you are an extreme person like me.

Sometimes you just injure yourself!!!

OOOhhh and an interview for bike-taxi (pedi cab). I’ve been wanting to try this out for years, but I’ve always been too damned shy or intimidated by speaking to strangers to actually attempt it. That has greatly changed!

Wish me luck.

10:55 am, 2.8.2018, Thursday

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