Foot Alignment While Walking

On the way to the store, this morning when my van’s battery was dead, I looked down and saw that my feet were straight-forward.

That is, instead of walking duck-footed as I normally do. This is odd. I normally have to mentally focus to straighten the direction of my foot as I walk. And I have to actually be thinking of the process before I begin, or as I pay attention to it.

However, today I noticed and was shocked. I began to imagine what could have caused this. I have not even been caring about my foot alignment lately. The idea of caring about the alignment of my feet only is brought up in my life occasionally. I had been trying to change this off and on for the last year, but only in small bursts. And the latest burst was around a month ago, for a few days, of occasional practice.

Thus, I could not really put a direct answer on the cause of my feet alignment. The only major change that I’ve delved into is that of working with Qi Gong. Or at least I will call it (Chi Kung) for now.

What I have been doing is basically intensive and deep massage by way of finger-punching my body. I began to describe the action, but then decided to take a couple of pictures instead (below). This can be done over the entire body, though several areas need much caution and temperance with force. I also prefer to use a couple of fingers at times, versus all fingers and thumb. Another also, sometimes you need to use your knuckles or sides of arms and hands for hard to reach areas like your rear-ribs and back. And at other times, the side of hand is great because it gives a broader and more soothing blow.

IMG_2414[1]                    IMG_2415[1]

This technique is used for intensive and deep muscle massage, in order to release energy to flow throughout the body more effectively. THIS is the only major change that I’ve begun in the last week. THIS is the current and ongoing experiment for my body.

So far, only about a week of practice on the entire body… not just the chest. I have been doing so on the chest, like Tarzan with fists, knuckles, and palms. But the slap (palm) is quite painful, especially if performed with force. This is very difficult to continue, which led me to try fingertips. But then I noticed that fingertips are quite painful as well. Painful on the fingers, joints, and the spot which is attacked. However, now, the pain is very much less. Even on the nipples… now I can actually poke my nipples with force (not much). Much much more force than initially. Initially I could barely touch the suckers (haha a pun).

Meh, i’m outa here for now. I just wanted to note the foot alignment for now. And then I went on a detail tangent of the reasoning behind it. I know this is needed, but I did not want to delve deeply into a topic at the moment. Just to note on progression of my experimentation of my favorite science lab!

Oh, and you may find my videos in the near future by the name of Alchemic Healer on YouTube. I began a channel, uploaded one video, but did not add it as a public view. It is not much for a video… just a little tid-bit where I spoke about sun-gazing and the video certainly needs editing if I do post it. I really don’t feel needed to post the other twelve videos that I created — I cried in every single one of those and I’m finally over the emotional turmoil stage that I had been in. For now… I think, at least. We shall see when I finally pick-up that camera again.

9:57 pm, 2.6.2018, Tuesday

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