I need a really early birthday present 

Today is the second day that I’ve left the lights on in this van. I don’t know how. I swore they were off because I couldn’t see them in the super-lit parking lot. I popped up here at around 3:00 am to prepare for a morning meeting by sleeping here instead of my bed and now I’m immobilized. 

Heck, I don’t even know if my meeting will occur anyhow since the fellow hasn’t returned my call or text. 

It’s alright I suppose, but I really wanted to get his idea off the ground and begin something new with him. I can find something else to do around here for a few hours in case he calls — I am stuck for now anyhow. 
So, the early present would be a jump box. That would have been handy for years now. I’ve always had car starting issues because there is no warning about your battery dying, nor is there a thermostat-like device for your headlights. Seems silly to me to not have functionality like such. 

Maybe a Walmart employee will walk out with a jumpbox from their auto department. I’m about to go see because no one (yet) is willing to assist me. 

10:44am, 1.6.2018, Tuesday 

***The lady in auto was kind enough (though hesitant) to lend me a jumpbox. I did have to leave my cellphone with her (didn’t have ID on me). 


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