Crazy Full Moon

So I’m pretty chill these days. I don’t drive very fast, I speak to strangers to cut tension while waiting in lines, and well just being calm. 

Then yesterday rolls around and I have one guy harass me with his jacked-up camaro. Apparently, the speed limit is ten miles too slow for him. I calmly reached for my pistol while calmly allowing him to berate me, while trying to evade the situation. Yet this guy decided to circle around me three times. He would pass (we are in a 15 mph zone by now) then stop two hundred foot ahead. Then let me get near. I’m rolling on at like 6mph with a Glock in my lap. 

He finally gave up because I was too calm to really care. 

Later on, after leaving from game night, I stopped by the nearest gas station. The one next to my old job. I stood in line with three folks in silence for three minutes or so before jokingly complaining about the slowness (being due to a shift change). It was obvious, I would think since I used a very joking and casual attitude, that silence needed breaching. But the one little, tough looking guy became hostile. Threatening me directly. I calmly walked back to the gas pump and sat with my Glock. 

I still had to go pay cash on gas. He left. I paid. 

I decided to go home and campout inside the van. I parked out at the pond and let the cat sleep in the blankets. It was really nice. Freaking cold though. Almost too cold for even all my blankets and eggshell foam. 

I didn’t wanna push the Moon craziness and sleep downtown like I originally planned. 

Game time!

Saturday, 6:25 pm, 2.3.2018

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