I got too much going on at one time, but still not enough 

I’m sitting here texting two folks while thinking of several others, watching a YouTube video that keeps spazzing out on bad wifi, trying to decide how to split my bath-time between [reviewing videotape, watching YouTube, or playing Dream Quest], thinking through a theory that mixes favorite colors and the current stage in chakra that ties in with other case studies, thinking of astrology and the upcoming full moon or Blue (Black) Moon which is also during an eclipse and relating all of this to my friend’s’ experience and expecting chaos to continue, while planning to slow this chaos. Time is short for all this, along with knowing I need to fix the van, find income, and begin what I started and decide on a preferred path for this, while still pushing for a quick goal though it feels stretched further than preferred. 

Yet I still know it’s been a push for what I’ve done so far and I’m not fretting over what could already be. But for now and the cooling water inside, I need to hurry to my Epsom soak and get on with it. Clean out the van further and the bedroom closet. I’ve ditched the seats and flooring and rear wall panels in the van. Then twelve gallons of trash tossed with a couple boxes worth to burn. Trash a bunch of the old crap. I’m going very minimalistic and keeping much less old stuff and momentos. I really don’t have that same kind of stuff most folks have, but it’s been a bunch of crap piled up over the years that is being cleansed from my life. 

Alright, it’s 12:53, water been waiting like an hour. 

12:54pm, Sunday, 1.28.2018

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