When people say: “Let’s agree to disagree”

I want to smack them. Or cringe. 

Sometimes. I just laugh. 

Hasn’t happened in a few months, but it has happened often in the past. Let’s get this straightened out in thought. 

  • I do not agree with most of what you say 
  • However, I do agree with some 
  • Otherwise, I would be done speaking already 

Why would I concur to your query when I do somewhat agree with you?
Why, anyhow — also, would you accept (victory?) over my argument by disagreement? That is poor conclusion and I’m not the one who hasn’t bent values to look at the other side yet. Typically I am the underdog in the fight by siding with “crackpot theorists”. 

If you cannot look outside of the box, then perhaps you should try to attempt that before explaining how my methods haven’t killed me yet. If these things, typically nutritionally based, are really so harmful — 

—it really is difficult to get over these hurdles. Without the rebel’s behavior mechanism in place, I would imagine it could be difficult to call the Entire Medical Establishment a Fraud. But I see no issue once discovering the truth. It’s been years of knowing. But for most folks, they cannot imagine a conspiracy being true because they believe for some fucked up reason that  “the Government Loves Them and would Never do anything to hurt them”. MEANWHILE: “their neighbor loses their job. Then watch as foreclosure ensues within months, losing cars along the way, garage sells, and fights with the wife rage into the night”. But hey, that’s his fault for losing the job!! And why did you change the subject from medicine?

BECAUSE YOU NEED AN EXAMPLE of another aspect of how the government doesn’t care about your well-being. For medical, the hospitals are terrible, staff is negligent, doctors are dishonest, wait is rediculous, cost is through the roof due to insurance need, insurance is silly (not actually insurance if it’s required), there are far too many issues to even begin to make this sound plausible. Yet you think the government still loves and cares for you. 

Give me a break. 

So, I don’t or can’t agree with you fully, but don’t try to end my conversation because you cannot pull your head out of the clouds for a moment and see how this world actually works. 

Not even sure what got me thinking of this. Maybe an association of thinking of a friend, but I dunno. Just getting it off the chest for a moment. 

7:51am, Wednesday, 1.24.18

…I keep thinking it’s February, like it feels like two months since the holidays, since my birthday. 

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