Haven’t written yet this week 

Because life gets stranger with each day. I wanted to write about my cat on Monday morning. Yet the claim is preposterous. I’ll save it for video. But it would be just as unbelievable as my claim for the night before last when I rolled-my-guts several times throughout the night. 

I’ll save that for video too. Which I have begun — taping videos. As much as I hesitated to buy a camera to begin the process, I finally decided to do it when Mom became hospitalized. Not that it is for anything really horrible: just a scare and a wake-up call. 

I’ve taped two videos. They’re around 45 minutes each (I think). The camcorder doesn’t seem to say and I haven’t had the audacity to pop-out the device yet while in the hospital. I really need to send videos to my editor and see his final result. You know, cap the front and backend with titles and links. Edit volume, etc. 

The camera seems to have worked well without a microphone. I’ve discovered a few things about cameras, barely. I need a powered mic. Perhaps a lapel. The mic with no battery failed to work. 

On Monday, I purchased a GoPro. Bought the newest model (6?). That was from the recommendation of some random teenage Best Buy employee. But the damned thing would not charge beyond 4% for three days of trying. I bought different power supplies or chargers, yet nothing worked. 

I finally went back and traded for the camera that I actually wanted, but was hesitant to initially buy. Canon Vixia HF R80. I also have a plastic tripod. This is a bit cheaper, has zoom, 1080 resolution, but no virtually useless slo-mo, 4k. I’ll take it. It’s plenty nice to begin. 

Another hesitation in regards to all this is with transparency and action. This one detail is what scares me a bit, but not enough to matter. I’ve kept my name hidden throughout this blog. I’ve, until recently, kept my face out of sight. Yet now, with voice as well, am about to come out and put it all on the line in the “public” eye. 

I explain, briefly in my intro video how I never wanted to be on camera. I really don’t even like cameras. Nor do I like the idea of becoming any type of speaker, but I have to get passed that now. It’s not too late — videos have not been uploaded yet. 

Looking at the other YouTube folks. All the nutbags like myself, the believers of whatever, the ones who feel led to act now… I look at their handles, where a few use their actual name while the majority has a show or stage name. And I cannot think of trendy, useful names to suit mine. I’m gonna roll with my name — hell, I want to be contacted. I don’t want to be difficult to find. 

For you few folks that read this, I will link when I actually do upload to YouTube. But as yet another warning to friends and family: it is not what you expect; this is all information that could easily garnish concern by your fellow church members. But it is all great stuff. I’m going to be talking on topics that run the gambit of all things spiritual. From self-healing, breathe, energy, magic, numerology . . . There really is too much to list . . . To healing others. 

Check it out when I do. If you will. 

Planning to break out the dowsing rods today for an example of energy manipulation!!

8:06am, Saturday, January 20, 2018

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