Dream Quest Victory!!

Haven’t played much lately, but I successfully ran the dungeon and got to the final boss again!

I wonder if it’s even possible to beat this game!

I also unlocked two bonuses. The bonus for getting the final boss down to 850 hp. And then to 750!! I’m not sure what he begins at but as comparison, the highest (from memory) of any other hp in the game is around 120 (health points). 

Here’s my screenshots:

The white room:

The deck of cards:

The 1st round:

I think it lasted only 5 – 7 rounds. He required an extra gift (a card) each round. 

The last round:


Epic rewards! I opened the Bard class and Heroic Talent (likely a 3rd tier talent). I’m uncertain. 

…I’m gonna play now, once or twice!!

This was on Wednesday at 2:12am

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