In the car

Or truck, I keep remembering to write things. Or in the bathtub, I recall lots to talk about. Yet these two places aren’t exactly phone friendly. 

Yesterday, I was at a red light. Typing to a friend and waiting for green. Next thing you know I looked up and I was two hundred yards beyond the light & wondering how I did not get into a wreck. I had been driving without realizing. Heck, I was typing away and my body was on auto-pilot. I’ve done this so many times I cannot count anymore. But I’m also not in that text-stupor that causes accidents. Sometimes I go around curves or stop along with flow. I’m just protected! 

I would not suggest this. When it does not seem important, and the action is deliberate, I actually have problems with steering like every other fool. I must be within the zone of importance for the perfect driving to remain on auto-pilot. Strange as that sounds.

I keep thinking of how I spent weeks in that red car with no heater. Especially on days of snow. It’s been super cold for a southern state and I had no heater. After the repo, the weather had changed to warm. And now I’m stuck in a truck where only the heater works  — and it is also stuck on heat. You cannot turn-off the heater that always blows hotly. I’m in stoic mode whether I like it or not!

I aim to gain a van today. I believe my tenants’ old van will suffice. This will add another layer to our woven web of interdependence. Somehow I’ve been stuck with them. I say stuck but I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. 

…I digress for now. I will go see how it looks. 

9:59am, Saturday, 1.13.2018

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