Obsessive Behavior 

I know I’ve said to this affect before, yet I don’t think I know any other style of living. Obsessive behavior. 

Obsession brings me manic times where I binge on activities until I need a break. I don’t mean “want a break”. Need is definitely appropriate, because typically I didn’t really choose my obsession. I become obsessed by any old problem that needs a solution. 

As in with welding. The idea was introduced for pure financial gains. A cousin touted the likely wages to my dad and then I was introduced by him. I was in need of a new obsession as my obsession with World of Warcraft had been nearing its end. Quickly, I became engrossed within that environment. Spending six to twelve hours of (Monday through Thursday) every day I was allowed to attend.

I learned a lot, had fun, became somewhat social, and brought me near drafting. Then Drafting took over… out of need that, I believed the classes would help with a management position. Because I would know better of reading schematics or blueprints. 

But then I became very obsessive — spending the same time as welding, except at the twelve hour range every day. Also, I became an avid sketcher of ideas at home. Reading about it, dreaming, and researching. I taught everyone in the class and found a great niche. 

Definitely more between these examples, yet not at the …. oh jeez I’m bout to pass out on my phone’s keyboard. I’m off to sleep!!!

1.12.18, Friday, 12.03am (midnight-ish)

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