1st Video Delayed

I know I said I’d do my first video on 1.11.18, but I didn’t create it. Life has gotten in the way and too many challenges delay this. 

However, I am totally fine with the decision because I had already let go of the perfectionism aspect. In that it doesn’t have to be perfect like I prefer. Or rather as I have delayed much of my life while waiting on best. I let go of the concerns and feel more ready to begin. Ive had a week to stress over the fact that I cannot manage to find a camera, setting, and time to create. Even that the new friends which I’ve made barely have time in their schedules, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to help. I can see their intentions and know if they actually mean what they say. There really just isn’t time in this busy career and money driven world. 

I’m aiming for Sunday now. Unless I manage to find a suitable deal, the aim is to use a basic iPhone camera to create an introduction video. Yet, I must begin soon. Procrastination must end — that almost caused me to use my selfie camera. 

Though quality still matters. I’d like to not have my editor needing to rush and I’d like to set a nice into-screen for titles, etc. and the exit screen for a more professional look. 

The editor I found appears to do great work. Keeping busy in several overlapping fields. He also may get me into a tattoo commercial — not sure if that means I’d get a real tattoo — nor of the design. I do have a design that I want tattood. The design is really basic. Have no real explanation of the prospect yet, except that it would/will be all day long — and paid! That sounds nice for a Sunday. 

Anyway, I’m bout to soak in Epsom for a bit. Two days work at a new job doing assembly work has gotten me dore as a dog!!

9:17pm, Thursday, 1.11.18

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