Work shoes 

I had to wear shoes for twelve hours straight today and I don’t like it. 

I have a slight blister forming to the inner side of my big toe. Cheap shoes may be to blame, yet swaddled with breatheable mesh and soaked with sweat and humidity. My feet do better walking on any surface without this problem, without shoes. 

I need to hit the road, but I am tempted to just curl up here and sleep since I need to be back by 8am. That’s only ten hours away with an hour and half round trip. I hate this excessive driving, but this opportunity is my best current option. 

I met a good fellow today; I talked his ear off once I learned that he was keen to Alchemy and esoteric knowledge. Perhaps he may turn out to be a useful contact, more than just an interesting meeting. We shall see. 

Missed the cheese party, but I didn’t need to go. Talking with him was plenty for today on agenda. 

Okay I’m hitting the road. Long 1st day of work!

10:10pm, 1.10.2018, Wednesday 

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