Wrapping up The 9th

Managed to gain the assembly job to start tomorrow. On borrowed vehicle until I can get another: a cheap van. 

Then on to a Gnostic Society lecture. I did not know what to expect. Yet I basically gnow already. Their focus is to look inward for any answers. Great message and all. That was 1 of 33 lessons they give. I told them I may or may not return, but it could be interesting to continue. 

They were really zen, but when I asked about outer-devices like healing modalities such as Reiki, Shamanism, Alchemy, energy manipulation, etc, they were surprisingly opposed to the mechanisms of magic. I am a bit shocked that they have Kaballah posters on the wall while not practicing any elements of which that was designed and intended to create. 

I’m not truly or fully surprised about their reactions to the alchemy proposal, because that one particular topic that I mentioned is a tough one to swallow at first!

But that is a topic for later. 

Today was great. Found an income stream. Had a good few coincidences like talking about tomorrow’s wine & cheese party and getting invited via text at the exact same time.

Canceled my insurance and got the briskest cold shoulder possible by the agent. Whom I quickly told I’d be taking my business elsewhere. Then she turned to ice. 

Quick visit though  — in & out in under three minutes!


So, big day tomorrow. I aim to gain something from the cheese party, and it’s hard to tell what. Really. It’s been strange times since the layoff. I don’t expect they’ll normalize any time soon!

10:36pm, Tuesday, 1.9.2018

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