I should be asleep 

But it’s only 12:30am. Ughh, not looking forward to the alarm, but I know I’ll be fine soon enough. The next step. Then who knows. Difficult enough to sleep without being the day before first day’s work again. Been four months. And years since the last manual labor gig. But it does sound better than a silly cubicle. 

Cubicles are the worst. 

Except for open room offices with a couple folks that annoy you. But that too can be a ton of fun like at my last job  — most times. 

Though minimum wage for the first 40 hours bites a bit, I won’t feel pressured too hard either, as a trainee type deal. Afterwards, it’s back to gravy train possibly. 

Assembly was great pay in my early 20’s and it looks about the same. However, now, I am in even better physical condition than then, though I was plenty fit then. I know this has potential for very nice income that can be (often) packed into short days, leaving free time. 

I’m excited, but not too attached for any long term plans with it. 

Aight, 12:42am, starting the 10th of January with 7 hours sleep at most. Maybe a nap time for lunch tomorrow!! 

Gotta get my fast-mode back on. I was a total glutton tonight!!

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