Plans for this week 

  1. Get stuff out repo’d car
  2. Say goodbye to car; good riddance 
  3. Somehow get another vehicle, I want a cheap van
  4. Start working with the assembly company 
  5. Perhaps gain a second job
  6. Make at least one video before Thursday (1.11.2018)
  7. Post first YouTube video on 1.11.18
  8. I would very much love to go to Fort Lauderdale for Munay-ki initiation

#8 might happen!! May get assistance through Tribe of Beltway Shamans. That would be fantastic. I actually need to write them a letter now!!

**this is actually in West Virginia, but is just as well. About the same drive. But I definitely need transportation first. And I’m totally uncertain about the assembly job allowing a day off for the following Monday (since I haven’t even been hired yet!!)

1:32pm, Monday, 1.8.2018

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