Dream Surprise 

Just awoke and went through my morning ritual of looking through the phone a bit. I awoke to find that my dreams weren’t bad at all. They began peacefully, with an odd guidance. 

Falling asleep, I recall a voice. Like that of a grandma. I never had a grandma, but it could have been her for all I know. Sounded like an old lady; voice – soft and sincere. Guiding me to look towards the… well I don’t know towards what… felt like towards a yellow light. Towards the upper right of my location. 

Initially, I heard myself say “HUH?” Then I thought “oh Boy”, as if I was the guy from Quantum Leap. “Here we go”.  

I don’t remember much. Just some light here or there. Sparkling light at best is all I remember. Once I awoke, I realized that my dreams were not “bad”. Or they weren’t “good”, but I don’t think they were non-existent. 

I’m just glad that I had a peaceful night instead of the turmoil that was expected. 

…2 job interviews, pickup my stuff from car, & who knows? 

……that’s the plan AND to find a camera to use. I know I need to start. Cannot let my need for perfection to slow me further. I’ll toss out a rough video if I must. 

I’ve already decided to just use my name. I don’t need a gimmicky stage name. I just need to start, have faith, let go of the insecurities, and be who I am. Who I’ve become. Whatever that actually is. 

7:38am, 1.8.2018, Monday

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