Busy Days 

Today was great!

Started with a trip to the most pathetic botanical gardens ever. Then to a trendy little cafe called (the) Fig & Fox [I think was the name]. I’d never have gone without some fine lady asking me to go. 

Then off to Hilton Head to meet Zulma for a session of Access Bars. Today’s group was an annual event, as Global Bars Event (5th). 

This was the 2nd time she administered on me. The first was around December 20th in 2017 (a couple weeks ago). She then walked me through my first time in the “giver” side of the table. I performed on her. 

This was all very interesting. I fell asleep during my turn. Not like a full-on sleep — more like when I would sleep on the school bus. I could hear all going on around me. I even remember a bunch, but I was extremely content and so allowed the sleep to continue. 

The only “negative” aspect is that without any thought towards a reason, I had tears pop out that I couldn’t really hold back. In a room full of people whom I only knew one previously, yet I had no embarrassment (or which quickly vanished). 

With the giving side, I could feel how to use the system. It is a simple tool, assuming you know the technique. I could feel the small pulse of energy through my fingertips — or through contact of their skin by my fingertips. It is difficult to be certain. 

Also, I may have found a helpful contact by the home owner. He seemed oddly familiar, but that doesn’t so much mean I’ve met him, but that we relate through likeness of experience somehow. He invited me to a wine & cheese party for what sounded like a mastermind type of event. Or in essence so that they may find good projects to work with. I am bit uncertain to the exact reasoning of the event, but saying that just around a dozen people from different professions and areas, but aligned with common mission. This sounds promising to share my ideas with. Or even to gain a possible partner or even to hear their ideas. The options all sound nice. And if nothing — Free Cheese & Wine!!

Tomorrow will be fairly busy:

Like I told the homeowner from today, “I’m really just trying to meet interesting people”. In order to get any project off of the ground, I will need help. 

Tomorrow is that. Two new groups where I may meet a key player. Who knows right? I’ve been meeting a ton of people lately. Many have become useful already, if even just for a confidence booster. I get contact information from everyone whom I connect with — just in case. I have bern building a list for years — of good people. But only recently have I actually aimed to turn this list into an actual roster. I look forward to this with no hesitation, but it’s scary. 

1:21am, Sunday, 1.7.2018

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