Friday the 5th

About all I do is think and watch videos. Pondering on any number of topics, thinking of how connections form between topic to topic. Like the web. I’ve been wanting to read the 1st book of The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I feel there was esoteric knowledge in there along with creative storyline. Or was it just the standard Hero’s Journey like every other great book or movie? 

I still see Mom reading on the blog, but I want to unleash on the spiritual information. I showed her evidence of chemtrails; I’m not trying to talk much on that, but chemical engineering needs to be stopped!!!

I recall hearing that my mother’s side had dealt with spiritual rituals when she was young. I cannot vouche on every side of the spiritual path, but mine has only produced positive results as of late. I cannot look at religion in the same way; religion has brought much division once you study. Once you are awakened to this madness, you will see the division yourself and may even experience peace of mind once again. I know I had a large void in my world where satisfaction should have been. 

I want to discuss Numerology, Astrology, Alchemy, Magic(k), Shamanism, Reiki, Chakras, Kundalini, Esoteric Symbology, and all the other grey areas and crossover piles of information. 

Yet, also, this is all a huge topic, without perfect places to begin. Any person may relate to one way  — while not grasping or appreciating another topic. That is fine! Perfection will not occur, but only greatness or wholeness or Holiness or Soloman and his temple. 

Yes. Discuss the peneal gland in the Land of Pineal. That is just part of the huge metaphor. Just a snippet. Here comes 11:11. I will cash out for the night. Rise and shine and meet a beauty before noon. I’m excited. 

11:08pm, Friday, 1.5.2018

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